Show your love for Greensboro with your very own Lovemark! The Lovemark is your lasting impression on our city. Leave your mark today!

Your Lovemark will be a 17” diameter engraving in the sidewalk.

If you are using a gift card to purchase your Lovemark, please complete the form below and “add to cart.” You will be asked to enter your redemption code at checkout.

If you would like to give a Lovemark as a gift, please purchase Lovemark as a Gift here

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Verify Name Spelling *

I understand that this is how my Lovemark will appear. I also understand that there are no refunds or reinstallation’s for Lovemarks purchased with a name that was submitted incorrectly.

Zip Code *

Your Lovemark will be installed within the zip code that you selected. We cannot guarantee additional proximities at this time.

Terms *

By agreeing to the terms, you are agreeing that the name you entered above is a legal and legitimate name. Love Greensboro reserve the right to request evidence or deny the installation a Lovemark submitted in any case where a name may seem questionable.

Due to demand for Lovemarks and road/sidewalk improvements throughout our city, it may be as long as 9 months before your Lovemark is installed.

You acknowledge that your LoveMark is not a permanent installation and may be affected by regular wear and tear. Love Greensboro takes all reasonable measures to ensure each LoveMark is crafted and installed for maximum longevity. Further, Love Greensboro does not represent or warrant that your LoveMark will never be damaged or altered by City of Greensboro right-of-way maintenance. To minimize this risk, Love Greensboro works with the City Transportation Department to choose LoveMark installation locations that are not scheduled for any maintenance in the foreseeable future. Unscheduled maintenance may occur.

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Return Policy

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any issues, please contact us via email and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.