Know Where You Grow

Our Mission

Love Greensboro is partnering with Guilford County Schools to engage K-12 students in learning about and becoming involved in their community. The partnership includes three key strategies for achieving these outcomes:

1- Kids Love Greensboro portal
2- Teachers Love Greensboro portal
3- Parents Love Greensboro portal

Project Launch

We are currently fund raising for this initiative.  It is our hope to launch our Greensboro students, teacher and parents in September, 2018, at the beginning of the school year.  If you would like to donate or get involved, please contact us.

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The goal of the kids’ portal is to curate web resources in three grade bands for elementary, middle and high school students that relate to key aspects of the Greensboro community in the following topical categories:

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Civics and Economics
  • Culture and History
  • People and Places
  • Science and Nature
  • Sports and Leisure

Resources are used to learn more about Greensboro but also support academics, especially in Grade 4, North Carolina History; Grade 8, North Carolina History within the context of American History; and High School Civics and Economics and US History.


The teacher portal of the Love Greensboro site will be populated with fieldtrip toolkits that align with the same topical categories for which we will curate web resources. Each fieldtrip toolkit will include:

  • A Teacher Planning Guide inclusive of all logistical information and pricing
  • A Parent Information Sheet that describes the fieldtrip and learning outcomes
  • A Lesson Plan and Activity Sheets for use with students

Our initial effort will include the development of one fieldtrip per topical category per grade band (elementary, middle and high) for a total of 18 field trips.


Much like the kids’ and teachers’ portals, the parents’ portal will align with the same six topical categories. The resources provided in this section will be family activities that can be completed with students and their parents/guardians/adult supervisors outside of school hours. Each family activity toolkit will include:

  • A Parent’s Planning Guide to “Name of Activity”
  • Student Activity Packets that help reinforce academic, social, and emotional learning

The key differentiator with the family activities is that unlike a fieldtrip, the learning will be focused more broadly on enhancing the relationship between parents/guardians/adult supervisors and their students. In doing so, we aim to better connect both the adults and the students with their community.
This portal will include one family activity per topical category per grade band (elementary, middle and high) for a total of 18 family activities.